Girls' Teams

Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy

Girls' Teams

Tiny Team

Tiny Team is for girls who are 5-7 years old. This level is for some of our most talented young athletes and they will attend two days a week for 2 hours each day. We keep them together by age so they can work on similar skills, preparing them to move up to USAG Level 3. These athletes compete as part of AAU Level 2, all within the state of Oklahoma, and will attend around 6 competitions each year. This is a great way for our young gymnasts to begin their competitive experience. Gymnasts can move up to USAG Level 3 when they are 6, so these are some of our hot shots! 


Pre-Team is primarily for girls ages 7 and up who are not quite ready for USAG Level 3. These girls attend three days a week for two hours each day. At this level the girls work on perfecting basics and learning new skills, which are part of the compulsory Level 3 routines, while beginning to experience competing. This level competes as part of AAU Level 3, all within the state of Oklahoma, and will attend around 6 competitions each year.

Level 3

Level 3 is an introductory level for our USAG competitive teams. They attend four days a week for two hours each day. Our gymnasts range from ages 6-12 in this level, and it is usually a lot of fun for the girls to get into a more serious way of enjoying gymnastics while beginning a competitive career. Being a part of this team is a great way to get introduced to competitive gymnastics without an initial large financial and time commitment. During the school year this team usually practices Monday through Thursday from 4-6pm. We have around 8-10 competitions a year, with most meets being held within our state. Sometimes, although not often, we travel to Kansas or Texas.

Level 4 & 6

These levels come five days a week Monday - Thursday 5:00 - 8:00 and Saturday 9:00 - 12:00. These levels have a stepped level of time commitment. We work hard to perfect their skills, as these levels are much more difficult than Level 4. We have 8-10 meets a year and they are usually within our state and sometimes we travel to Kansas or Texas.

Level 7, 8, 9, 10 & Elite

We have one of the top optional teams in the country. The optional team includes our Level 7 through 10 girls. During the school year these levels attend for four hours a day (only three hours on Wednesday) during the week, with a practice on Saturday morning from 8:30-12pm. Our teams compete in 8-10 meets per year, and we usually travel to two or three far away competitions, which are the top invitationals in the country. These levels allow for qualifications to the Regional and National championships each year. Many of our former optional athletes have competed or are currently competing in some of the top NCAA programs around the nation.


Xcel is an alternative competitive program offering more flexibility for athletes and their families. The goal of Xcel is "to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience." The Xcel program is designed for girls who would like to be on a gymnastics competitive team, but attend fewer times per week than compulsory and optional teams, which also allows for additional activities outside of gymnastics.  

Sometimes a gymnast may be lacking the ability on a certain event in gymnastics, and instead of holding them back at the compulsory level or a certain class because of it, they can move to Xcel where the coaches can design routines for them working around that weakness. The Xcel program also offers lesser of a financial commitment than the compulsory and optional levels. At BCGA we offer Xcel Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond, given the gymnast acquires the necessary skill for that level. The Xcel teams practice usually three times a week for two and half to three hours a day. These teams usually attend six competitions a year before their State championships.

Xcel Levels comparison to USAG Levels:

Xcel Silver = Level 3/4 

Xcel Gold = Level 4/5 

Xcel Platinum = Level 6/7

Xcel Diamond = Level 8+