Hosted Meets

Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy
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Hosted Meets

The Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy has a long reputation of hosting some of the best meets in the country. Each year we host local meets, invitationals and state qualifying meets. Over the years we have also organized many regional and national competitions.

Annually, we host the Bart Conner Boys' Invitational. 2009 will be the 25th Annual Invitational, Jan. 30-Feb. 1. The meet is for Levels 4 and up. Bart presents the "Bart Conner Spirit Award" to a gymnast in each session. Bart personally selects the athlete and it is a fantastic honor.

2009 will also be the 17th Annual Nadia Comaneci Invitational, and for the first time will be held an international invitational held in the Cox Arena in Oklahoma City. This competition is also for levels 4 and up. Nadia also presents a spirit award in each of the sessions. It is quite an honor to receive an award from the most famous female gymnast in the history of our sport.

Because of the Academy's reputation for running excellent and efficient competitions, we were awarded the following prestigious competitions by USA Gymnastics:

  • 2007 - Men's Junior Olympic National Championshps
  • 2006 - Women's Level 10 Junior Olympic National Championships
  • 2006 - Region 3 Men's Championships
  • 2005 - Region 3 Women's Level 9 & 10 Championships
  • 2003 - Region 3 Women's Level 9 & 10 Championships
  • 2002 - Region 3 Men's Championships
  • 1990 - Region 3 Men's Championships

We're quite proud of the meets we host and the continual support from our parents club that allows us to do so.