Lease & Land Negotiations

Lease & Land Negotiations

Lease and Land Negotiation

Use the power of experience and expertise to your advantage

We know how confusing oil and gas leases can be. Let us negotiate on your behalf to get the most out of your asset.

If you aren’t familiar with oil and gas terms, or you aren’t up to date on market prices, we are here to help. You need an advocate on your side to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

Three things to consider when negotiating a lease:

  • Lease Bonus Payments – Learn how short-term bonuses affect long-term royalties
  • Royalty Payments – Understand the long-term propostition
  • Term - Know when a lease can and cannot be extended

Don’t let every fee be passed onto you

‘Deductions’ are fees passed on to the mineral owner. Know which fees are appropriate and which fees are not. We will make sure you are only paying what is necessary.

Are you being properly compensated for the use of your property?

Easements and surface use agreements are extremely important and can have a lasting impact on land owners. Ensure land and financial benefits are included in your agreement.

  • Pipeline Right of Way
  • Surface Use - lease roads, fencing, cattle guards, etc.
  • Well Sites
  • Processing Plants / Compressor Stations 
  • Frack Ponds
  • Freshwater Ponds 

Need help verifying your title?

This can be a confusing and arduous process; let Anchor Energy take the stress away and perform a full title verification process.