Preschool: Sum 2022 Session 1

Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy
Summer Session 1: June 6 - July 10
Summer Session 2: July 11 - August 14

Preschool: Sum 2022 Session 1

2022 Summer Session 1: June 6 - July 10

Parent & Cub: 2-3 Year Olds 

There are mountains to climb, rivers to swim, canyons to jump, vines to swing and trampolines to jump on! More physically challenging skills give the children stronger bodies and sharper minds, as well as a clear understanding of their bodies' capabilities and limitations. Limit one parent per student.

4 Year Olds

These children are beginning to really step out and move! We know it is even more essential that their physical abilities be monitored for safety and that their attempts are rewarded so risks become exciting and "failed attempts" are seen for what they are… learning experiences. This class will be held in our pre-school room.

5 & 6  Year Olds

These kids are a little older and can handle some of the more challenging skills for their age. This class will prepare your child to move into our recreational program. They will spend some of their time in the big gym getting used to the bigger equipment.

Super Cubs

This class is for our advanced girls that are 5 & 6 and have been in our program. This class is by invitation only. If you feel you are ready for this class, you can call the office for an evaluation. You must register for this class at the office or by calling our office at 405-447-7500.

Registration Fee

This fee is non-refundable and covers the costs of opening and maintaining your account for the year. Fee covers from when the student starts instruction until Sept. 1 of each year (Registration fees paid for the summer sessions will carry over to the school year).

First child – $30
Each additional child – $20


Fees are due at the first of each month and considered late after the 10th. Failure to pay on time will result in a $10.00 late fee, for which you will be billed. Tuition is paid by the calendar month. If you start before the 15th, a full month is due; after the 15th, half a month. A gymnastics month is 3 - 5 weeks. Because of holidays, some months are shorter. However, we do not charge you extra for long months.

1 x week class: $60/month
2 x week class: $105/month

There are additional discounts for siblings, similar to the discount for enrolling in more than one class per week.