Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy
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Boy's State Meet- 2014

Boy's Team Has Great Results at State-2014


THe BCGA Boy's Team had a great showing at the 2014 State Championships, hosted by Oklahoma Gold on March 15. The team finishes were Level 10 - State Champions, Level 4 – 2nd, Level 5- 3rd, Level 6 – 2nd, Level 7 – 2nd. In addition, the Academy qualified 25 athletes to the Regional Championships in Bedford, Tx,. That was the most of any gym in the state! Great job coaches and gymnasts!

 Individual top results are as follows:


Level 4- 6 Year Olds- 

Lane Mooring- Floor- 4th, Horse- 3rd, Rings- 3rd, vault- 3rd, P-bars – 2nd, Hi-Bar- 2nd, All-around- 2nd

Forrest Peek- Floor- 2nd, Rings- 2nd, Vault- 5th, P-bars- 4th, Hi-bar-3rd, All-around – 4th

Isaac Morris- Horse- 4th, Vault- 1st,


Level 4 – 7 Year Olds

Sean Davidson- Floor- 3rd, Horse- 3rd, Rings- 1st, Vault- 6th, P-bars- 4th, Hi-bar-3rd, All-around- 2nd

Austin Brown- Horse- 4th, Rings- 6th, Vault- 1st, P-bars- 7th, hi-bar – 6th All-around- 6th.

Matthew Clubb- Horse-9th, Rings- 10th, P-bars- 8th, Hi-bar- 7th, All-around 9th.

Adam Stone- Floor- 9th, Horse – 7th, Hi-bar- 9th, All-around – 10th

Sullivan Young- Vault- 10th, Hi-bar- 10th


Level 4 – 8 year Olds

Yousef Alrumaizan- Horse- 10th, Rings- 9th, Vault- 8th, P-bars- 9th, Hi-bar-6th, All-around- 10th

Alex Farrow- Floor- 10th


Level 4 – 9 year Olds

William MdGovern- Fagg- Floor- 2nd, Horse- 8th, Vault- 5th, P-bars- 5th, All-around- 9th

Justin Jones- Floor-6th, Rings- 7th, P-bars- 2nd, Hi-bar- 10th, All-around 10th

Harper Curtis- Rings- 2nd, P-bars- 7th, Hi-bar – 8th


Level 4 – 10+ 
Connor Castle- Floor- 1st, Horse- 3rd, Rings- 2nd, Vault- 4th, P-bars – 4th, Hi-Bar- 3rd, All-around -2nd.

Tanner Stephens- Floor- 3rd, Horse- 4th, Rings- 5th, Vault- 3rd, All-around – 5th

Jacob Bohot- Floor- 4th,


Level 5 – 7 Year Olds

Cale Pichler- Floor- 1st, Horse- 1st, Rings- 2nd, Vault- 2nd, P-bars- 1st, Hi-bar- 1st, All-around- 1st


Level 5 – 8 year olds

Carter Carbonell- Floor- 3rd, Horse- 2nd, Rings- 4th, Vault- 2nd, P-bars- 4th, All-around- 2nd

Evan Carbonell- Floor- 5th, Rings- 5th, Vault- 4th,

Valeriy Tarasov- Hi-bar- 5th


Level 5 – 9 year olds

Connor Pince- Floor- 3rd, Rings- 2nd, P-bars- 5th, Hi-bar – 5th, All-around-5th

Zayne Wasser- Horse- 4th, Rings- 3rd

Amos Smith- Hi-bar- 2nd


Level 5 -11 year olds

Chase Walker- Rings- 5th


Level 6 – 9- 10 year olds

Jackson Bates- Floor- 4th, Horse- 4th, Rings- 4th, Vault- 7th, P-bars – 2nd, Hi-bar -3rd, All-around-3rd

Jake Nelson- Floor- 10th, Horse- 10th, Rings- 7th, Hi-bar- 7th, All-around- 8th

Bryce Ponce- Horse- 9th, Rings- 8th, Vault- 6th


Level 6 - 11+

Jackson Pensoneau- Floor- 1st, Horse- 1st, Rings- 1st, Vault- 2nd, P-bars- 2nd, Hi-bar – 1st, All-around -1st

Peyton Stice- Floor- 5th, Horse- 4th, Rings- 4th, Vault- 6th, P-bars- 1st, Hi-bar- 2nd, All-around -2nd.

Wilson Smith- Floor- 4th, Rings- 8th, Vault- 5th, P-bars- 6th, Hi-bar – 6th, All-around – 7th

Daniel Cook- Floor- 8th, Horse- 6th


Level 7,  7- 8 Year olds

Aaron Davidson- Floor- 1st, Horse- 2nd, Rings- 2nd, Vault- 3rd, P-bars- 3rd, Hi-bar – 1st, All-around -2nd.

Level 7- 11-12 year olds

Landon Schmidt- Horse- 3rd, Rings- 3rd, Vault- 2nd, P-bars- 3rd, Hi-bar- 3rd, All-around 3rd

Kaeson Middleton- Floor- 3rd, Rings- 2nd, Hi-bar- 2nd


Level 7  - 13+

Dane Doph- Floor- 2nd, Horse- 2nd, Rings- 3rd, Vault- 2nd, P-bars- 1st, Hi-bar- 3rd, All-around -2nd

Paul Lawrence-Vault- 3rd, P-bars- 3rd, Hi-bar- 1st, All-around 3rd

Jack Frank- Horse- 1st,

Lance Sisson- Floor- 3rd, Horse- 3rd, Rings- 2nd,


Level 9

Cade Muldrow- Floor- 4th, Horse- 3rd, Rings- 3rd, Vault- 1st, P-bars 2nd, Hi-bar 1st, All-around – 1st.

Will Sheppard- Floor- 1st

Level 10- 15-16

Zachary Treadway- Floor- 1st, Horse- 1st, Rings- 1st, Vault- 1st, P-bars- 1st, All-around- 1st

Connor Gibson- Floor- 2nd, Horse- 4th, Rings- 4th, Vault- 3rd, P-bars- 2nd, Hi-bar- 4th, All-around -2nd

Nicholas Bishop- Floor- 3rd, Rings- 3rd, P-bars- 3rd, Hi-bar- 3rd, All-around- 3rd.

Josh Jenkins- Floor- 4th, P-bars- 4th, Hi-bar 2nd, All-around- 4th

Alex Bates- Horse- 2nd,

Jordan Kovach- Horse- 3rd, Vault- 2nd