Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy


BCGA Boys' Team Have Great Finish -State 2013

The Bart Conner Gymnastics Boys’ Team had a great finish to their season. At the State Championships, the team racked up 136 medalists, more than any program in the state. There were 56 gold, 40 silver and 40 bronze. The team results were:
Level 6, 9 & 10- Champions
Level 5 & 7- 2nd
Level 4 – 3rd.

The Academy qualified 31 boys to the Regional Championships, more than any gym in the entire Region III. At the Regional Championships, the level 6 (10-11) team finished 6th and the Level 9 team tied for 4th. From there 5 level 9’s and 2 level 10’s qualified to nationals. Qualifying to Nationals were: Level 9- Alex Bates, Nick Bishop, Austin Kahn, Jordan Kovach and Cade Muldrow, Level 10’s: Connor Gibson and Zachary Treadway. At Nationals, Jordan Kovach qualified to All-around finals and finished 33rd and Cade Muldrow qualified to Hi-bar semi- finals and finished 11th. Individual champions and regional placements are below:

Individual State champions
Level 4
Carter Carbonell- Floor, Rings, Hi-bar, All-around
Hayden Burchfield- Rings, Hi-bar
Noah Meyer- Hi-bar

Level 5
Gabe Taylor- Rings, Vault, P-bars, Hi-bar, All-around
Jackson Pensoneau- Floor, Horse, Rings, Vault, P-bars, All-around
Peyton Stice- Hi-bar

Level 6
Aaron Davidson- Floor, Horse, Rings, All-around
Dane Cramer- Hi-bar
Bobby Foster- Rings, Vault, P-bars, Hi-bar, All-around
Jacob Liao- Floor
Riley Lowry- Horse

Level 7
Will Sheppard- Floor, P-bars
Josh Jenkins- Rings, Hi-bar

Level 8
Austin Kahn- Floor, Horse, Rings, Vault, P-bars, Hi-bar, All-around

Level 9
Jordan Kovach- Floor, Horse, Rings, Vault, P-bars, Hi-bar, All-around
Andre Pelletier- Floor, Horse, Rings, Vault, P-bars, Hi-bar, All-around

Level 10
Zach Treadway- Floor, Rings, Vault, P-bars, Hi-bar, All-around
Connor Gibson- Horse

Regional Medalists:
Aaron Davidson, Level 6 – Horse- 8th, P-bars- 7th, All-around 10th
Dane Cramer, Level 6 – Vault- 8th
Bobby Foster, Level 6 – Vault- 3rd
Paul Lawrence, Level 6- Hi-bar- 8th
Lance Brunner, Level 6 – P-bars 9th
Cole Mills, Level 6 – Vault- 6th
Jon Foreman, Level 6 – Floor-10th, Vault- 11th, P-bars -10th
Will Sheppard, Level 7- Floor- 1st, Rings-3rd, P-bars- 2nd, All-around- 4th
Austin Kahn, Level 8 – P-bars- 8th
Jordan Kovach, Level 9 – Horse- 6th, Hi-bar- 3rd
Cade Muldrow, Level 9 – Hi-bar – 8th
Ethan Kahn, Level 9 – P-bars- 6th
Andre Pelletier, Level 9 – Floor- 10th, Rings- 2nd, Vault- 4th, Hi-bar – 7th, All-around- 10th.
Zachary Treadway- P-bars- 5th